“Case after case, MDF Strategies has far exceeded our expectations and hopes of exposure for our top-level tentpole projects and launches.  They understand the foundation and non-profit culture.  They are undoubtedly a great public relations firm and garners greater results than any other firms out there.  More than that, Matt Frankel is a team and asset builder.  Beyond his own experience and value when it comes to communication strategy, he is a great project manager and is thinking about your brand all the time.  He has proposed and built a series of far-reaching strategic partnerships that continue to drive results.  And if we ever needed a pollster, web designer, or any additional expertise, rather than inheriting the same team for everything, which can be very lucrative for a firm, when you hire Matt, he instead dives into his unique national network of relationships and finds us not only the best specialist for that specific project, but the one that he knows will respect and adapt to our culture.”

- Kyle Rosenkrans, Executive Director, New Jersey Children’s Foundation

The New Jersey Children’s Foundation is the preeminent funder and advocate for non-partisan public school activities in New Jersey.  The Foundation’s mission is to break down the walls of inequity seen throughout the State by supporting and investing in people, programs, and partnerships that assist high-quality public education.  MDF Strategies' relationship with the Foundation began even before its formal public launch and was brought on assist in the development of the Foundation’s mission and goals.  From its very first days, MDF Strategies has provided strategic and communication support to the Foundation.  The firm drove the Foundation’s launch strategy, advised on communication infrastructure needs, and continues to serve as senior strategist and execution leader for its day-to-day communications and the project management of its tentpole initiatives and announcements.